tissue growth technologies
tissue growth technologies
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DynaGen® Bioreactor Series

Powerful in versatility and application, the DynaGen Bioreactor Series of instruments set the standard for 3D cell culture and tissue engineering research. Available for most construct geometries, these instruments mimic the in vivo mechanical environment with user controlled loading conditions. The modular design allows for virtually limitless system configurations, ensuring that the DynaGen systems can meet researchers needs today and in the future.

Applicatons include:

  • Condition and engineer developing tissues

  • Characterize tissue engineering components

  • Reveal fundamental mechanisms of cell function

  • Direct stem cell differentiation

  • Provide an in vitro test bed for drug and cell therapy development

The DynaGen instruments offer full system solutions integrateing the DynaGen stimulator, GrowthWorks® control platform, and tissue specific bioreactor chambers to meet your application requirements. This patented technology has been used by academic institutions, hospitals, and industry around the world. Their success has been published in numerous scientific journals and method patent applications.


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tissue growth technologies